詩人の甲斐マイクとトラックメイカーの Humming Bird によって 2010 年に結成された音楽ユニット〈pers〉。 "ポエトリー・リーディング"という日本ではあまり馴染みのないシーンでのインディペンデントな活動ながらも、 いしわたり淳治(ex.スーパーカー)氏をはじめ様々な音楽家に注目され、J-WAVE のスタジオ生ライブへの出演や 「NexT From JP.」にて特集インタビューが組まれるなど、常に日本のポエトリーシーンの底上げに注力し、影響を与え続けている。
pers is a Japanese music duo consisting of Mike Kai (poet) and Humming Bird (track maker), formed in 2010. Though their activity is independent and centered in a music scene called "poetry reading" which is unfamiliar in Japan, their music is given great attention by various musicians like Junji Ishiwatari, who's known as an ex-member of SUPERCAR. Their exposure to media ranges from appearance at a studio live performance for J-WAVE to a featured article in "NexT From JP." pers focuses on raising the level of Japanese poetry scene all the time and plays an important role as an influencer.